Behind the Lens

I’m so glad you’re here. My name is Lisa. I’m a photographer, and I happen to live a stone’s throw from the Happiest Place on Earth.

When we first moved here, it was shiny and new and we spent most of our park time running from place to place, riding attractions and watching fireworks. But as we've settled in as residents, we've been able to breathe a little more when we're on property. We don't approach it with the same sense of urgency. And when you have a chance to do that, the details of the moment stick with you a little bit more.

When you know something really, really well, it doesn't take you long to connect with it. Before Thousand Circles, I had a wonderful candle store that connected you with the parks with just their scents. But scent isn't the only sense that can transport you.

The little visual details, for example. Because don't get me wrong - I love characters and fireworks and castles as much as the next person—but the images that really stick with me are the ones that maybe a one time visitor wouldn’t even notice. The ones that you only ever see if you stop running and just allow yourself to take in the moment. A lantern overhead at Katsura Grill. A young person shaping the future from a garage in California. And as I wander property and the world beyond with my camera in my hand, it's more often than not those quiet details that I'm most drawn to capturing. Still landscapes of places usually covered with people. Animals on safari gliding silently across the water. Flowers in bloom in a familiar resort lobby. Beautiful little details that only I know were captured in our happy place—and that are so subtle that they can mix seamlessly into the rest of our home.

So, that's how this started. Piles of pictures originally taken just for myself in the Happiest Place on Earth. But I started to think that you might like them too—and that, like the candles that I once made, they might be a blissfully aesthetic way to bring our fandom home.

I hope you have fun browsing them and reading their stories and that they bring a little light to your circles around the sun. I am adding images all of the time, so be sure to come back often and see if what's new speaks to you.